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  • Soup with bread
  • Soup with bread
  • Soup with bread
  • Soup with bread
Augustine Restaurant
Call to Reserve: +420 266 112 280
From Saturday 20th April till Monday 22nd April experience Easter traditions in a modern and particularly delicate way. Our Executive Chef has prepared an exclusive 4-course menu full of local festive delicacies.

Gather your friends and family to enjoy the Easter time together!
Easter 1
On Easter Sunday 21st April join us for festive breakfast, where traditional folklore music will enhance the atmosphere and you will have unique opportunity to taste traditional ceremonial bread - Mazanec.

Mazanec or Easter loaf is a loaf traditionally baked on Easter from a sweet, yeast dough, which is also used for Christmas cake (vánočka) on Christmas. It is one of the oldest types of Czech ceremonial breads.
Mazanec is traditionally baked on White Saturday. Ordinary folks used to eat Mazanec made of plain dough, their guests received a loaf enriched with raisins and almonds. And here is one for you!
Monastery heritage
Your epicurean journey with Augustine.
Embark upon an epicurean journey with Augustine and taste signature St. Thomas Beer and delicious dishes infused with this monastic brew. Furthermore, explore the monastery itself to discover its roots and learn more about Augustinians and their story about production of the royal beer.

Join the tour any Saturday at 2 pm.
Reserve with our concierge.
Tasty moment in the middle of your day. Take a break during your busy day to savour Midday Taste menu full of seasonal ingredients. Chef Marek Fichtner and his team have prepared for you April menu with significant ingredients: green peas, lamb, eggs. .

Offer Valid From Monday To Sunday 12:00 - 15:00.
Augustine cake is made out of high-quality ingredients. The key component is 67% Chocolate Michel Cluizel, containing carefully selected cacao beans from Vila Gracinda plantation on St. Thomas island, sometimes also called the Island of Chocolate. This chocolate is rich in fresh fruit and herbal flavors. The specific taste of our cake is also reached by locally grown blackcurrant, from which our confectioners make our homemade jam, which creates a truly harmonious gastronomic connection.

Ingredients: Chocolate Michel Cluizel 67%, milk, blackcurrant, eggs, flour, brown sugar, fruit pectin, cacao powder, butter Allergens: cereals containing gluten, eggs and products containing eggs, milk and dairy products
Introduced by the Augustinian monks in 1352 after they were granted brewing rights by Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, this dark brew is a one of a kind beer. With its over 600 year old history, it was known as the beer of Czech kings for a long time and was well-liked by famous Czech personalities, such as Jan Neruda or Bohumil Hrabal. After the interruption of its brewing process by the Communist government, the recipe was handed to the hotel in 2009 after a 58 year hiatus, and is now being brewed exclusively for Augustine hotel by the Matuška micro-brewery. Discover its enriching taste for yourself in The Refectory Bar.

Opening Hours: Sunday - Wednesday: 11:00 - 00:00
Thursday - Saturday: 11:00 - 01:00