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The Refectory bar

Cocktail Bar in Prague with a story

Uncover the hidden stories of The Refectory bar, a cocktail bar in city center and former refectory of Augustinian monks. Skilled bartenders will serve you a their own signature cocktails or customize the drink according to your taste.  
  • The Refectory Bar

    The unique Refectory Bar

    The authentic atmosphere of The Refectory reveals the historical significance of a place where Augustinian monks used to meet and drink their own St. Thomas beer under the amazing Baroque ceiling fresco. Today, the bar is known for creative mixology connected to stories such as that of the Augustinian Angels or Moser crystal glass. The Refectory also offers outside seating on the cloister terrace in the summer. Savor seasonal cocktails and signature St. Thomas Beer along with light snacks.

  • Place Holder
    Summer Terrace

    Summer Terrace

    Invite your soul to a rare and distinctive treat of a cocktail, which you definitively enjoy in our summer tranquil Terrace with drink of our choice.

    Just sip & chill!

  • Signature Cocktails

    Angel's Cocktails

    Cherish the moment with our refreshing signature Angel's cocktails, inspired by four archangels, depicted on fresco ceiling. Get the power by drinking Michael, follow your inner voice with Gabriel, feel the love with Raphael or enjoy the beauty of the world with Jophiel.

  • Luxury Cocktails

    Moser Cocktails for Her and Him

    Taste the luxury with Moser Cocktails. Every encounter with crystal from Moser glass factory is a fascinating experience for all your senses.

    Feel seductive, refreshing and inspiring just like HER or be elegant just like HIM with cocktail based on premium French ingredients.

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    St. Thomas beer

    St. Thomas signature beer only avaible at Augustine!

    St. Thomas Beer is a beer with the story written by Augustinian monks. It was first produced by monks in St. Thomas Brewery in 1352, then in 16th century famous Czech ruler, Rudolf II., made Augustinian brewery an exclusive supplier of beer to the Prague Castle. Throughout the time, it has been a favorite beer of many Czech personalities, such as Jan Neruda, Bohumil Hrabal or Jaroslav Hašek. Today's Augustine is the one and only place to taste this monastic brew.

  • Seasonal Cocktails

    Seasonal Cocktails

    Savor a cocktail from seasonal selection personally designed and prepared by our professional and experienced bartenders. Experience the combination of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art design and witness the art of their mixology.

  • 1352

    The Augustinian Monks first started producing St. Thomas beer in 1352 in the monastery after being granted brewing rights by Charles IV. The monks immediately constructed their brewery and began producing dark, non-filtered, and non-pasteurized beer. The original recipe also included some herbs.

  • 1530

    In 16th century Augustinian brewery became famous St. Thomas brewery,  later it was appointed as an exclusive beer supplier for Prague Castle. It was said "When Czech kings were at Prague Castle, they would only drink St. Thomas beer!"

  • 1760
    In 18th century a sculptor and woodcarver Jan Antonin Qitainer was commissioned to do art works to decorate the church. When the work was carried out he asked for a quarter payment in cash and rest in beer.
  • 1930

    Brewing St. Thomas beer became a tradition that lasted for almost 6 centuries. Since 1930 St. Thomas brewery, in the time known as St. Thomas Pub has become so famous that not just one Czech writer, including Jan Neruda and Bohumil Hrabal, would come for a inspiration to drink well-known dark monastery beer.

  • 1990
    After the Velvet Revolution in 1990s monks returned but since the buildings were in a very dilapidated state, they agreed to rent part of Sr. Thomas Monastery to be connected to a hotel complex in exchange for renovation of the church.
  • 2009
    The Augustinian monks handed over the ancient beer recipe to hotel Augustine as a symbol of trust and long lasting relationship. Today the St. Thomas beer is produced according to the same recipe from 14th century by mini-brewery Matuška and imported to hotel. The remaining part of St. Thomas pub is hidden in the hotel and creates rare atmosphere for private events and weddings.
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