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  • Various cocktails
  • Various cocktails
Augustine Restaurant
Call to Reserve: +420 266 112 282
The refectory bar
The Refectory Bar History

The bar is housed in a fabled room, which used to be a refectory of the Augustinian monastery for many centuries. Refectory is a place where monks gathered for lunch, dinner and prepared for masses. Double height ceiling with carefully restored baroque frescoes depicting cherubs brandishing the symbols of Augustinian Order makes the bar a place with and incomparable atmosphere.

Summer Terrace
In summer time enjoy your cocktail on tranquil terrace.

Just sip & chill!
Angel's cocktails
Angel's Cocktails

Cherish the moment with our refreshing signature Angel's cocktails, inspired by four archangels. Get the power by drinking Michael, follow your inner voice with Gabriel, feel the love with Raphael or enjoy the beauty of the world with Jophiel.

seasonal cocktails
Seasonal Cocktails

Savor a cocktail from seasonal selection personally designed and prepared by our professional and experienced bartenders. Experience the combination of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art design and witness the art of their mixology.

Aperitifs and appetizers
Apero Time

Every day from 5pm until 8pm, enjoy a specially curated list of aperitif cocktails along with a selection of appetizers.


Starting July 2, 2020.

saint thomas beer
St. Thomas Beer
St. Thomas Beer is a beer with the story written by Augustinian monks. It was first produced by monks in St. Thomas Brewery in 1352, then in 16th century famous Czech ruler, Rudolf II., made Augustinian brewery an exclusive supplier of beer to the Prague Castle. Throughout the time, it has been a favorite beer of many Czech personalities, such as Jan Neruda, Bohumil Hrabal or Jaroslav Hašek. Today Augustine is the one and only place to taste this monastic brew.